Squash Apps Named Among Top App Developers in India by Ranking and Review Website Clutch.co!

clutch rated squash apps as a top mobile app development agency

Squash Apps is dedicated to working with our clients to deliver the best, most robust web apps on the market. Our company started in 2015 headquartered in Coimbatore, India where we work primarily on custom software development for small businesses. We specialize in mobile app development, specifically using a single team to create IONIC Hybrid apps to run on multiple platforms, and scaling servers to meet the needs of our clients. The IONIC platform has been praised by many app developers and as The World Beast magazine states, it is useful to our company because “The Ionic framework is powered by a huge community of developers, and you can get an extensive range of resources on the web” to accomplish any task and build the vision that our clients ask for.

Clutch has just recently granted their 2019 leader awards and we are fortunate to receive a position on their list of Top App Developers in India. It is no secret that there are many other companies in India who specialize in similar services as Squash apps. It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate our services from others, however, we are honored and thankful for the immense research and data collection that Clutch has performed in order to highlight our company as one of the best mobile app development companies in India.

At its core, Clutch is a ratings and review website to help facilitate business to business interaction in order to best pair businesses to the agencies or consultants they need to tackle their next big challenge. The level of detail in clutch’s reviews is exceptional compared to other sites and the statistics and tools such as their leader matrix can reveal important information on the potential experience you may have hiring a particular company.

On top of this, they also host two sister sites, The Manifestand Visual Objects, which periodically perform rankings of service providers based on a range of factors including past clients and experience, verified client reviews, and market presence. The Manifest is designed to guide users to tackle business projects and keep up to date with tech news for the purposes of successfully growing a business and overcoming challenges. Visual objects is specifically intended to help prospective clients visualize the possibilities of creative app development projects by displaying a digital portfolio of prior work.

The team at Squash Apps is excited to announce that our company has been ranked among the Top 50 Web Development Companies in India by The Manifest, and among the Top Mobile App Developers in India by Visual Objects. We have even been recognized for a few of our notable projects on The Manifest (As displayed below) and are excited to continue to receive praise and recognition from our satisfied clients.

Clutch Review

Our company is immensely thankful for all of their support and work done by clutch to help connect us to our potential clients and build a powerful network of satisfied customers. We are lucky to have such a dedicated company such as clutch to improve business relations around the world and we look forward to growing our profile and watching the reviews pile up!





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