Squash Apps Named Among Top App Developers in India by Ranking and Review Website Clutch.co!

Squash Apps is dedicated to working with our clients to deliver the best, most robust web apps on the market. Our company started in 2015 headquartered in Coimbatore, India where we work primarily on custom software development for small businesses. We specialize in mobile app development, specifically using a single team to create IONIC Hybrid apps to run on multiple platforms, and scaling servers to meet the needs of our clients. The IONIC platform has been praised by many app developers and as The World Beast magazine states, it is useful to our company because “The Ionic framework is powered by a huge community of developers, and you can get an extensive range of resources on the web” to accomplish any task and build the vision that our clients ask for.

Clutch has just recently granted their 2019 leader awards and we are fortunate to receive a position on their list of Top App Developers in India. It is no secret that there are many other companies in India who specialize in similar services as Squash apps. It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate our services from others, however, we are honored and thankful for the immense research and data collection that Clutch has performed in order to highlight our company as one of the best mobile app development companies in India.

At its core, Clutch is a ratings and review website to help facilitate business to business interaction in order to best pair businesses to the agencies or consultants they need to tackle their next big challenge. The level of detail in clutch’s reviews is exceptional compared to other sites and the statistics and tools such as their leader matrix can reveal important information on the potential experience you may have hiring a particular company.

On top of this, they also host two sister sites, The Manifestand Visual Objects, which periodically perform rankings of service providers based on a range of factors including past clients and experience, verified client reviews, and market presence. The Manifest is designed to guide users to tackle business projects and keep up to date with tech news for the purposes of successfully growing a business and overcoming challenges. Visual objects is specifically intended to help prospective clients visualize the possibilities of creative app development projects by displaying a digital portfolio of prior work.

The team at Squash Apps is excited to announce that our company has been ranked among the Top 50 Web Development Companies in India by The Manifest, and among the Top Mobile App Developers in India by Visual Objects. We have even been recognized for a few of our notable projects on The Manifest (As displayed below) and are excited to continue to receive praise and recognition from our satisfied clients.

Clutch Review

Our company is immensely thankful for all of their support and work done by clutch to help connect us to our potential clients and build a powerful network of satisfied customers. We are lucky to have such a dedicated company such as clutch to improve business relations around the world and we look forward to growing our profile and watching the reviews pile up!





Mobile App Patenting



Mobile Apps are the ‘In’ thing and have been for young developers. College kids, and even some school kids these days are trying their hand at developing mobile apps, and they’re doing a great job too! Another reason for this flurry of mobile applications is because they are so great for business! So, if you are someone who’s got an idea for a Mobile App, then make it your own by patenting it! It is a lengthy process, but it is worth it! So, let’s go through the steps quick!

So, the first question is, can you just patent an idea? Well, not really. You must know the ins and out of your App, how everything works. So much so that you should be able to educate anyone about it. Also, know that you cannot patent the code of your app. The code itself falls under the category of law covered by copyrights. (And that is a whole other article there, we tell you!)

What you can patent your App under the categories of “method” or “process.” Methods and processes can be patented, along with machines, articles of manufacture, and compositions of matter.

So, first things first. You need to research on whether your App is eligible for patenting. There are a so many apps available, hundreds of thousands!

Just because apps can, in general, be patented, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your app is eligible for the patent. So, basically, you need to determine whether you somebody else has patented the same type of app. The USPTO (US Patent & Trademark Office) recommends performing a patent search before attempting to file a patent. Be sure to search for any related keywords, especially ones that would-be core to what makes the app work. Note that this does not ensure safety against being sued for patent infringement. The USPTO does not ensure that. So, plenty of research is necessary!

And finally, your patent must qualify as “useful, and by useful, we mean, it should work at least in theory. It is what requires you to develop a very concrete and detailed explanation of precisely how your app works, rather than just claiming ownership over an app that accomplishes some general task without needing to know how.

So, this is the basic idea you should have before you even begin the process of filing for a Patent. So, we’ll cover that part in another article, while your mind stews on this! Good Day Mobile people!


Tech Wars – Apple vs Qualcomm

23472303_1543529659091463_8009714013245635611_nWhat happens when tow giants decide to sue and countersue each other? Well, they generate a lot of news, and lose a lot of money, and give stuff to talk about for everyone! The two giants in question here are none other than Qualcomm and Apple. Yes, we’re excited too, and yes, it’s going to go on for years! So, let’s get the ground work done, and we’ll let you know what’s happened till date!

We all know Qualcomm’s processors, or better yet, their modems are key for any LTE-connected device in today’s world. Also, it is known that Qualcomm’s modems are the only ones on the market capable of supporting data transfers up to gigabit speed. Additionally, along with the high quality of the radios, Qualcomm is also the only company that licenses the CDMA technology that Sprint and Verizon use for their 2G and 3G networks.

So where did it all begin?  Well, earlier this year, Apple and Qualcomm began a legal battle over Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) patents that stated Qualcomm was charging unreasonable sums for patents essential to cellular technology. Qualcomm followed that up with a claim to the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) stating Apple infringed on six of Qualcomm’s patents. Whew! And that’s not all.

According to Qualcomm, Apple has stolen patents and, so they filed paperwork to ban both the sale and the manufacturing of the popular smartphone in China. A spokeswoman from Qualcomm was heard saying “Apple employs technologies invented by Qualcomm without paying for them,” noting that the iPhone’s power management and Force Touch features are just “a few examples of the many Qualcomm technologies that Apple uses to improve its devices and increase its profits.”

Apple had another spokesman saying, “In our many years of ongoing negotiations with Qualcomm, these patents have never been discussed. Like their other courtroom manoeuvres, we believe this latest legal effort will fail.”

Yes, it has been a war of words, and it will continue to be. Now, lets talk numbers and locations. In the United States, Apple is suing Qualcomm for a whopping $1 billion, and that’s not all. It has also filed a lawsuit in China and the United Kingdom for $145 million each!

So, what does Qualcomm want?  Well, it was iPhone’s – sales and manufacturing in China to be banned and is also seeking to ban certain iPhone models from sale in the US. Even though the models are not shared yes, it is a huge ask!

In another statement, “Qualcomm’s inventions are at the heart of every iPhone and extend well beyond modem technologies or cellular standards,” general counsel Don Rosenberg said, and continued with “Apple continues to use Qualcomm’s technology while refusing to pay for it.”

To counter this argument, Apple said that there was whole lot of evidence to prove that Qualcomm operated an “illegal business model,” and that it sought to extract patent royalties on every wireless device containing its chips.

So, this is the base, the foundation, but what’s happening now?  Well, Apple has won two rulings. The judge has ruled that Qualcomm cannot collect intellectual property (IP) royalty payments on Apple’s manufacturing partners until the total royalty’s amount is determined, if that happens at all. Qualcomm will now have to calculate and argue just how much royalty money will need to be recouped from Apple and its partners. Not only that, Qualcomm will now have to prove just how exactly Apple are infringing their patents! So, it’s Apple -2 and Qualcomm – 0. We’ll have to wait for more that’s bound to happen in this case!

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Evolution of Business


Change is constant and it isn’t surprising to know that it applies in the ever-changing world of technology and business. There was a time when business meant setting up shop at a location convenient to your target audience. Later on, with the introduction of Computers, and the magic of the Internet, we saw the birth of Online based business forums. We saw applications, and websites setup specifically to target the online audience, but the actual offices still worked up to an extent.

Then, with the introduction of portable computers, people were hooked to the online world, preferring to be connected to the internet whenever possible. By carrying laptops, because it helped them stay connected to their work, and it gave the business owners a chance to stay connected with their customers.

Businesses had a huge change as well. From traditional services, on-demand services took precedence. E-commerce sites provided the convenience that travelling long distances to shop did not. You could sit at home, browse online, and buy what you want, and it would be easily delivered to your door-step.

But we didn’t stop there, did we. Technology, and the ever-inquisitive human mind gave us the smart phone, and that is a maze in which we are still stuck in. The smart phone, as addicting as it may be, has given life to various small-time entrepreneurs, be it commercial, or social. Smart Phones meant no more carrying your heavy laptop around, and getting all the benefits and more, at the click on a button.

From connecting friends, to buying that electronic device on a flash sale, to booking a cab or even your flight, everything is now happening in a jiffy, at any time of the day or night. This is the beauty of Mobile Applications. These Applications now rule our day-to-day lives. Right from setting up multiple alarms a day to remind us of many things, to storing our list for grocery shopping later in the day, to reading the news on our way home, and switching on the torch light when there’s no current, Mobile Applications be it for any use, have taken up a big part of our lives, and will continue to do so.


Tips to Avoid Stage Fear

     Stage Fear is a common issue that every one of us face at some point in life. It could be during when we do a session or seminar or even when we have a job interview.

    We all talk in our day to day life to another person or a group of people.Then why do we get stage fear when we do a presentation? The answer is because in our daily lives we are being ourselves, we are not self conscious on what we talk with a friend/family. So why let other people bother us? We could suppress our stage fear with few changes to our mind set. I hope the following factors changes yours.

  1. Love your work
  2. Have confidence on yourself
  3. Start with a joke
  4. Acceptance of the worst
  5. Know what you are doing
  6. Just 5 minutes
  7. Be Punctual
  8. Take care of yourself
  9. Use your Imagination

And Last but not the least

  1. Don’t forget to breathe 😛

Love your work

      This is the most important part of avoiding your stage fear. Remember the time you were talking about a movie you just watched and loved or your favourite book? You would be feeling so overwhelmed with passion, that you forget about everything around you. If you could bring out this passion during your presentation. Then voila!!!! you’ll be surprised on how you pulled off a magical perfect speech.

Have confidence in yourself

      Hmmm confidence…. the thing we lack most during a speech, which makes us screw  our presentation. The best way to tackle this is by, encouraging yourself. And hey who can judge you better than yourself !! So boost up your confidence level and say ‘All is well’ 😉

Start with a joke

      People forget the important aspect of life when they are stressed out, LAUGHTER.


      So throw in a joke when you start a presentation. It would ease your fear and the mood of the audience . And you are up with a kick start to the presentation.

Acceptance of the worst

      Did you know that there is no such thing as a ‘Perfect Presentation’? Weird right? So why do we have to worry over it? Have a prior mindset that there are possibilities of mistakes. Even if you make mistakes, who cares? There’s always a next time. But be bold to accept your mistakes.

Know what you are doing


      Choose a topic which you are comfortable with, for the presentation. Prepare the content  beforehand( It’s not necessary to be as perfect as ‘Hermoine’ :P, but at least be ‘Harry’ and not ‘Ron’ 😉 , forgive my ‘Harry Potter’ reference ) . Knowing that you have done all your best to prepare will make your nerve calm down a bit.

Just 5 minutes

      Studies show that, the stage fear is at the peak during the first five minutes of the presentation. If you did a good job during this 5 minutes, then nothing can stop you from giving you best presentation ever.  You could go through this 5 minutes by interacting with the audience or starting off with a funny story. But don’t forget that you should never be critical of the audience.

Be Punctual

      Be at the venue at least 15 mins before the presentation, so that you could avoid last minute traffic or you could also socialise with the audience before the speech, you would make some friends and talking with friends never freaks us out right?

Take care of yourself

      Concentrate on keeping yourself fit for the presentation. A healthy body boosts up your confidence rate through the roof. Most importantly, eat a Banana.


      Yeah, you heard me right!. Eat a banana before your presentation. Because eating something nutritious and not too filling will help with the butterflies in your stomach.

Use your imagination

      Remember the person who sat beside you in your kinder garden. The person sitting in the last row could be them or it couldn’t? But hey, if it helps you that someone you know is listening to you, won’t you feel better? So run wild with your imagination,it will help you reduce your fear.

Don’t forget to breathe

Yeah I know it’s silly


      But people when stressed, do forget to breathe. They just want to get the presentation to be over with as soon as possible and so they start reciting the summary they prepared with a fast pace. They think it will help with the stage fear. But actually it makes them worse. Taking deep, long breaths and going slow on the presentation is a much better way of avoiding the stage fear.


“The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

                                                                                                                                   –Nelson Mandela

So as Mandela says, ‘Lets go conquer the fear ‘